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About Me - Elke Major

I grew up in southern California and then moved to Washington to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Education at Pacific Lutheran University. My parents were immigrants from Germany, so I am fluent in German and enjoy traveling abroad. After college I married and raised three children in Washington. Now I spend time living in both Washington and California and work with a financial firm teaching financial literacy. I help people from all walks of life to save money, get out of debt and plan for retirement.

Today, we live in an environment that is fundamentally different than that of 50 years ago. In many ways the world is better, but we have our own issues these days. Whether we like it or not chemicals are all around us and are increasing; toxins are hidden in places we would have never imagined. Chemical substances are part of everyday life and are a major part of our economy, our communities, and our homes. While chemical substances provide some benefits, they also have harmful effects if not properly managed. I know firsthand how all these man-made chemicals can negatively impact your health. On Jan. 20th 2010, I suffered a heart attack. My cardiologist encouraged me to adopt a healthier lifestyle. I learned more about the dangers of inflammation in the body so made intentional changes to create an environment of wellness at a cellular level and remove as many toxins as possible. That’s about the time when I was introduced to the amazing world of essential oils and how they naturally support our body systems.

Replacing harmful toxins with pure and natural ingredients has made a dramatic impact on my life.Young Living’s products are plant-based and can benefit everyone: improve physical and emotional well-being, help with weight loss, help with concentration, help with healthier hair and skin - and so much more.

If you have a particular wellness goal that you would like some help with, or just feel passionate about reducing the amount of harmful chemicals in your home, don’t hesitate to reach out anytime. Odds are there's an essential oil or product that can make a significant difference in your daily habits. I understand that making small intentional changes will add up to make a profitable impact! This is true with building health as well as wealth!

I am dedicated to helping others to live a healthy lifestyle, physically, mentally, and financially. I would be honored to help guide you on your path to a healthier and wealthier future. Contact me for a complimentary consultation.

Elke Major
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