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About Us - Elke & Joya Major

A mother-daughter team dedicated to helping others to live a healthy lifestyle. Elke grew up in southern California. She moved to Washington to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Education at Pacific Lutheran University, then married and raised three children in Washington. Recently, she moved back in California. Joya grew up in Washington state and was active in her community, church, and school. Swim team and cheerleading are just two of the many school activities. Joya moved to California in 2014 to attend college and is currently a store manager at Pressed Juicery. Elke is fluent in German and enjoys traveling, scrapbooking, and family activities. Joya likes to travel too! …and of course swimming and spending time at the beach!

Today, we live in an environment that is fundamentally different than that of 50 years ago. In many ways the world is better, but we have our own issues these days. Whether we like it or not chemicals are all around us and are increasing; and in everyday products that we would have never imagined. Chemical substances are part of everyday life and are a major part of our economy, our communities, and our homes. While chemical substances provide some benefits, they also have harmful effects if not properly managed.

Processed foods contain additives and artificial ingredients that can have a negative impact on our health. And even if the food was still pure and natural, the increase in portion sizes in current society wether it be in the drive throughs, restaurants, or even in our homes has contributed greatly to the obesity issue in our country.

Elke knows firsthand how all these man-made chemicals can negatively impact your health. On Jan. 20th 2010, she suffered a heart attack. Her cardiologist encouraged her to get to a healthy body weight so she utilized the Take Shape For Life program that helped her to lose 118lbs. That program opened Elke’s eyes to the possibility of true health through mindful eating and daily lifestyle changes. She learned more about the dangers of inflammation in the body so made intentional changes to create an environment of wellness at a cellular level and remove as many toxins as possible. That’s about the time when Elke was introduced to the amazing world of essential oils and how they naturally support our body systems.

We love to share about the versatility and effectiveness of therapeutic grade essential oils. Reducing as many toxins as possible and replacing them with pure and natural ingredients does make a difference.Young Living’s products are plant-based and can benefit everyone: improve physical and emotional well-being, help with weight loss, help with concentration, help with healthier hair and skin - and on and on.

If you have a particular wellness goal that you need some help with, don't hesitate to reach out anytime. Odds are there's an essential oil or product that can have a significant impact. We understand that making small intentional changes will add up to make a great impact!

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