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About Me - Matt Roe

I’m currently an IT consultant at Techmon Consulting in Missoula, Montana. I graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology and a Masters of Science in Management Information Systems at UNLV.

I attended UNLV on an academic and athletic scholarship as a distance swimmer on the mens swim team. I enjoy swimming, archery, hiking, and video games.

I grew up in Washington state and participated in many different sports when I was young. Soccer and swimming were my two favorite sports, but I decided to concentrate on my swimming career to achieve state and national levels.

A few of my swimming career highlights were: double state high school champion and Male Athlete of the Year for Stanwood High School my senior year, swimming multiple USA Swimming Senior Nationals, swimming in Open Water Nationals three years. Collegiately, First Team All Conference and honorable mention Scholastic All American.
Part of the dedication to being a distance swimmer was putting good fuel into my body. I started reading labels at a young age and when my mom first learned about Young Living Essential Oils, I was very interested in the science of the oils and the benefits for better performance in their all natural oil-infused supplements. My favorite essential oils are Frankincense, Idaho Blue Spruce, and the Shutran blend. I started drinking Ningxia Red when I was a senior in high school and know that it was a key to my healthy immune system all through college. EndoFlex Vitality is one of my favorite daily supplements as well. Deep Relief and Ortho Sport were two other favorites after tough workouts.

If you are wanting to create optimal health and performance for yourself, a safer home for you and your family, or an interest in joining the Healthy Connections Team, I’m here to help!

Matt Roe
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