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About Me - Renae Meyer

Wife, mother, friend who is passionate about life’s adventures and sharing a nontoxic lifestyle.

Renae delights in spending time outside with my family camping, hiking, cross country skiing, downhill skiing, and playing by the water.

We have two small children, four and six years old; the prime ages for bringing home nasty bugs from school. Before Young Living, our bodies struggled to fight off those nasty bugs that are unavoidable in everyday life. They seem to last for weeks! We always seemed to be ill when we were on vacation or when our bodies finally were able to relax. Our family craved a more natural approach to supporting our immune system.

For as long as I can remember, I have speculated the use of chemicals in products that we use daily. Why were my lips always chapped even though I used lip balm? Why does my skin always have this residue on it after I bathe?

As a new mother caring for her family on a single income, I longed to find products that were not only more of an environmentally friendly option, but also budget friendly which led to the search for “Do it yourself” cleaning products. Many of the recipes included essential oils and hence began my search for these oils. So many options! This tired mama was overwhelmed by the information on the world-wide web. The best way for me to find out more was to attend a local farmer’s market in hopes that two or more Essential Oil companies would be present. My approach was, “show me what you have, now show me how to get it” and ultimately, we would choose the option that was the most economical; wouldn’t you? I met a great couple who were moving to MT and I took the information home with me, studied the facts and for the next two months’ Essential Oils was on my mind. One problem, they were not in the budget. So, for Christmas I asked for a premium starter kit from Young Living! Since the day we received our kit, our family has replaced all of the everyday products in our home with a nontoxic version.

Now, after over a year of using Essential Oils, we have replaced all of our store-bought cleaning with Young Living, Thieves based products, and personal care products with homemade product made with other Young Living Essential Oils products. Additionally, and more importantly, the frequency and intensity of illnesses within our household has significantly decreased. Less time nursing sick kids and a sick husband allows us more time to get out and do the things that are truly meaningful.

Favorite products: Lemon, Thieves, Lime

Lemon was the first oil I ran dry, I’ve always enjoyed lemon in my water and now I had a way to detoxify my body and exterminate spending the first half hour of my day ‘hangry’. Thieves, is another favorite for a few reasons. First, it smells amazing, it reminds me of fall and is so comforting. Second, it’s spicy and I love drinking it as a tea, when my chai is empty. Finally, Thieves supports our overall immune system and helps our bodies fight those bugs! Lime made the list because it has helped me to get my boys to drink more water! They used to be addicted to juice and in an effort to cut sugar I added lime to their water and they love it! It’s a great vitality oil to add to many recipes!

Inner Defense- is our go to supplement when we’re stressed and need extra support.

Protein Complete- I love the chocolate protein to help my muscles recover quickly after a fun Zumba class or a heavy workout! We also love to add this to our smoothies! It’s great when I add peppermint vitality and or thieves!

Super B-This supplement helps my husband and I with our emotional and energy support! I can always tell when I didn’t take this supplement because I’m not as energetic.

Renae Meyer
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