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About Me - Heather Thurs

My husband and I own the Bitterroot River Bed and Breakfast in Stevensville, Montana. It is located in the heart of western Montana, where we enjoy some of life’s best treasures: the uninterrupted beauty of nature, small town living, quiet family life, serving our community, and serving guests from around the world. We have four adult children. My B&B is situated on about 2 acres of land with a small garden, hobby farm, relaxing views of the Big Sky, and I’m still close enough to downtown to ride my bicycle to the local theater!

I became interested in essential oils in 1999 when my second child was born. My daughter entered this world like a bad boss. She was ever demanding and unsatisfied, screaming uncontrollably, night after night, month after month. With little to no guidance, I learned about foot massage and lavender essential oil. With help from a few friends, who were early adopters of Young Living, we were able to ease my baby’s suffering.

I have been suffering from asthma and a rare primary headache condition called Hemicrania Continua for most of my adult life. Being an innkeeper, as well as a mother of a large family, there are cleaning products and spray bottles hiding all over the house! I, like many of you, was concerned about the overuse of chemicals in my cleaning products. I wanted to be sure I was reducing my own exposure to neurotoxins as much as possible. I chose Young Living products to replace the harsh chemicals and cleaners I used in my home.

I often use Thieves in my diffusers at the B&B. I feel the scent naturally lends itself to the aroma of fresh baked goods expected at a bed and breakfast, yet it disperses all of the proven goodness of Thieves throughout the public areas of B&B. Diffusing helps the pleasant aromas of lemon, clove, and cinnamon overcome the scents of last night’s dinner (or last night’s guests.) In addition, I can feel confident about the safety of the product being dispersed into my environment.

When it comes to getting started with essential oils, deciding “where to start” can be overwhelming. I was ready to make big changes in my life and I knew I needed guidance and education, not just essential oils. I chose to join the Healthy Connections Team when I met Jane Roe. Jane, Bob, Renae, and the team sponsor numerous events each month to train, teach, support, and guide us on our journey. For me, in 1999, it was one bottle of lavender. In 2018, it was one bottle of Panaway. Each month when it is time to place my ER order, I make the decision the same way. One baby step at a time.

If you are ready to take that baby step, you are welcome to contact me.

Heather Thurs
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