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Healthy Kids

There once was a time when the safest place on earth for a person was home. Today, we live in an environment that is fundamentally different than that of 50 years ago. In many ways the world is better. Children live longer, healthier lives than the children of any previous generation. Thanks to safe drinking water, better education, decent housing, and modern medicine children no longer face polio, smallpox, measles, yellow fever, cholera, and the other infectious diseases –Infant mortality is greatly reduced.

But we have our own issues. Whether we like it or not chemicals are all around us and are increasing, in places we would have never imagined.  Chemical substances are part of everyday life and are a major part of our economy, our communities, and our homes. While chemical substances provide some benefits, they also have harmful effects if not properly managed.

Why should we read labels and be aware of what’s in our home care and personal care products?

• Some chemicals accumulate in our bodies over time
• Impacts may show up long after exposure
• Some chemicals can become harmful or more toxic in combination with other chemicals
• Chemicals can have more impact during certain periods of development (womb, infancy, puberty)
• Even tiny doses can be very potent
• Our skin is our body’s largest and thinnest organ with only 1/10th of an inch separating our delicate organs from all sorts of toxins in our environment

Why are children potentially more vulnerable than adults to toxins?

• Children typically have a higher intake of air, water and food in relation to their body weight
• Children's bodies and body systems are still developing and they may be less able to process or eliminate some chemicals. This could make them more sensitive to harm from these substances
• Exposure to certain environmental chemicals during pregnancy or early childhood, when they may be sensitive to developmental effects, may result in negative effects on children's health
• Young children tend to have a less varied diet than adults. As a result, they may eat larger quantities, on a body weight basis, of a smaller range of foods. This unique diet may result in a greater exposure to certain chemicals if present in food
• Children spend more time in direct contact with surfaces when they crawl and will often put things (toys, dirt, etc.) in their mouths. Both of these behaviors mean they can accidentally ingest harmful chemicals
• Exposure to environmental chemicals beginning at a young age can potentially lead to longer-term cumulative exposures over a lifetime which could then result in effects. Some childhood exposures could affect health in adulthood
• Children are largely unaware of and have minimal or little control over the hazards to which they may be exposed

The Young Living Solution!

Check our Healthy Home page for more information about Young Living’s non-toxic home care products. Young Living also offers a line of KidScents personal care products that are specifically formulated for children that contain:
• Natural Ingredients
• Therapeutic-grade essential oils
• No mineral oils
• No synthetic perfumes
• No artificial colorings
• No toxic ingredients

Essential oils are a great all-natural solution for your entire family, including children. There are so many ways to incorporate them into your daily life with your children! Cooking with kids is a great way to get them to try new foods and develop healthy eating habits and it's a ton of fun! Make a craft project like essential oil scented pinecones in the fall, or make some scented all-natural play dough for sensory playtime (see DIY Healthy Home recipes). Diffuse Peace & Calming® or GeneYus™ after school for a comforting and peaceful atmosphere for kids to productively study. Put a couple drops of Peace & Calming® or TummyGize™ on a favorite stuffed animal or a cotton ball for long car rides. Diffuse (or rub on the bottom of little feet) Lavender or SleepyIze™ as it’s getting closer to bedtime. Young Living has specially formulated essential oil blends and other products for kids.

Essential Oil Safety with Children

So how safe is it to use essential oils with children…and is it better to use essential oils topically or internally with your kids?
Well, the answer is …Yes! Young Living invited Dr. Lindsey Elmore and Royal Crown Diamond Debra Rayburn to answer some questions that many parents have about using essential oils with children on a podcast.

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