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About Me - Jane Roe

I am a retired swim coach and “Take Shape For Life” Health Coach. I’m married to my wonderful husband, Bob and have three adult children and five grandchildren. We both grew up in Washington state but were drawn to the majestic beauty of Montana in the spring of 2013. We finished building our home there in the fall of 2016. I enjoy hiking, fly fishing, swimming, crafting, interior design, and travel.

My Health Journey

I was adopted as a baby and started off life without the immune supportive benefits of breast milk. Unfortunately, the antibiotic use began within my first couple of months of life; so much so that my teeth are permanently discolored as a side effect of the antibiotics. I had surgery at the age of 4 because of one chronic condition. None of the issues were really very serious, so I was otherwise considered healthy and enjoyed competitive swimming and track during my middle and high school years. But these minor irritating issues continued and I lived the first 48 years of my life in a chronic cycle of antibiotic use!

As a working parent with a very busy lifestyle, I fell into the typical American diet and poor daily habits that also effected my health. In December of 2008, my husband had a heart attack and I was in the obese range. It became clear to us that the unhealthy effects of processed food and poor choices had taken it’s toll. We began to make some lifestyle changes. We read labels and were intentional about what we were eating. Over the next year and a half, Bob had lost 30 lbs and I lost over 50 lbs. This gave us a new lease on life, enabled a more active lifestyle, and purpose to help others with healthy weight management.

My first experience with Young Living Essential Oils began with Frankincense and Myrrh at a 2010 Christmas shopping event. I began to learn more about how therapeutic grade essential oils could support the body systems and became more aware of the toxins found in typical household and personal care products. This led me to systematically remove as many toxins as I could from our home (toxic or synthetic cleaners, air fresheners, personal care products, low quality supplements, over the counter remedies, etc) and replaced them with Young Living’s all-natural products. I simply transferred purchases from the grocery store to my Young Living online order.

I am grateful to God for guiding me to all of these lifestyle changes. Since 2011, I have only taken antibiotics once! I agree that there are circumstances that require antibiotics, although, believe that chronic use should be avoided if possible so that they can be more effective when they are needed. I believe that reducing toxins in our homes and on our bodies help to support our body systems for a healthier life.

I encourage you to examine your daily choices, then discuss ways in which you can achieve success in making positive lifestyle changes! Whether you have a desire to create optimal health for yourself, a safer home for your family, or an interest in joining the Healthy Connections Team, I’m here to help.

Jane Roe
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