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About Me - Ottamie Baldwin

I am so happy with Young living essential oils, the lemon is amazing and so helpful for my nervous system, I like that they are all so tasty, except for those we only apply topically of course. It’s been a long road with essential oils, and over the course of 9 years I have finally found the right essential oils that do the trick for me. Very satisfied and will be a very long advocate for Young Living oils. In my spare time I always love making homemade soap with my essential oils, making dream catchers, and doing beading.

My top three essential oils are Frankincense, Sandalwood, and Peppermint because they continue to help me with my health needs.

Love my team, everyone so helpful, friendly and always include everyone as there’s something for everyone with these essential oils. I love them so happy I had the chance meeting with Angelina Eldridge she’s amazing as is the whole team. Thanks so much for everything!

If you have any question or are interested in joining our team, I’d love to have you contact me.

Ottamie Baldwin
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