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About Me - Reyana Harmon

I enjoy sewing, drawing, gardening, canning, and hunting to start the list. I tend to stay busy to say the least!

My family has a pretty healthy lifestyle. From being active in growing or harvesting our food to preserving to last Idaho's winter is a journey in itself. We try to make sure to teach our daughter what is good for our insides to maintain the functions of our outsides! Adding Young Living to our lives has boosted us on the inside and out and it has just added more to our everyday life!

I was told about Young Living through a friend. So, my husband ended up getting on Amazon and ordering the cheapest set he could find (Smart Right?). I didn't get the results I had anticipated so they sat on the shelf for a long time. There was a Christmas bazaar in town and my mother in law went with me. I was extremely excited about the essential oils booth that was set up which happened to be Young Living essential oils. She ended up buying a kit that day and bought me one not long after for Christmas!

I love adding Thieves to my Chai tea in the mornings. My wrist and thumb cramp up from time to time and Panaway relieves it and smells like my favorite soda! I rub sclaressence on the inner part of my feet and it has been helping balance out my hormones.
Desert Mist Ultrasonic Diffuser, NingXa Red are my two favorite Young Living products.

I have the desire to spread the natural way to love your body and your home inside and out with YL essential oils! If you have any question or are interested in joining our team, I’d love to have you contact me.

Reyana Harmon
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