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About Me - Sira Barnes

I'm a stay at home mom of two beautiful little girls living in Western Montana. I love to create through crafting, cooking, and painting. When it's warm out, we like to tend to the outdoor plants and play in the sun. There is always music playing in our house and almost always someone with a book in their hands. We love diffusing our favorite blends while we go about our daily activities. Peace & Calming, Purification, Gentle Baby, Pine, and Lavender are some of our favorite oils to diffuse throughout the day.

When I met my partner four years ago, he introduced me to Young Living essential oils. I had always been interested in oils and would buy from a local import store. However, I never understood how important it is to know where those products come from. I didn't understand how little regulation there was on purity standards for those oils. Becoming aware of this really prompted the shift to lead a non toxic life and find brands that I can trust. Once I became pregnant with our first child, we made even more effort to shift and can say that we use and trust Young Living products on our two young children. Sleepyize essential oil blend especially formulated for children is diffused in their room before bedtime.

Savvy Minerals, all of theThieves cleaning products, and the Ningxia Red/Nitros are my favorite personal care and home care product lines that we also use in our home.

If you are interested in discovering more about creating a safe non toxic home environment for your family, I’m here to help guide you with a wide variety of resources from the science behind Young Living’s high quality essential oils to DIY recipes.

Sira Barnes
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